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Dear visitors!

AYUBOVAN is a traditional greeting and farewell of Sri Lankans, is translated with Sinhalese as - "Yes your years will last"!

For you 100% of EKO and Ayurveda production made on the island of Sri Lanka! You receive all goods first-hand, thereby having the best price for goods of Sri-Lankan production.

Delivery of parcels on our website, from Sri Lanka to post office to the address specified by you at registration, FREE.

All parcels with your orders before sending from Sri Lanka are insured, thereby the insurance provides to 100% lack of any risks and losses.

Orders are taken on the website round the clock - 24 hours, without days off.

We have no minimum order value, order so much how many it is necessary for you.

We give you an opportunity to order goods which are not presented in our shop at all – by the individual order. For this purpose just write us zakaz@srilanka24.ru what goods from Sri Lanka are necessary for you, attach a goods photo (if it is available for you), we will find these goods and we will send it to you by mail. Delivery of goods under the order is carried out on an advance payment.

We created our online store that also you could enjoy and with pleasure to use goods of production of Sri Lanka.

The presented goods are brought directly from Sri Lanka, and all of them are carefully selected according to needs of our buyers.

Our system of loyalty will help you to save points from perfect purchases and pays off with the saved-up points further.

We do process of acquisition of production made on Sri Lanka on the Internet simple and reliable.

Our purpose: to make so you would buy goods at the best prices and as fast as possible.

We with great attention treat responses of buyers and we suggest you to express the opinion. Having called by phone +7-910-137-04-67 also Viber +7-910-137-04-67 and WhatsApp +7-910-137-04-67. Having left the comment on our website: To leave a comment

On Sri Lanka highly appreciate the health therefore prefer only natural components. Thousand-year experience in means of Ayurveda, will help you to become healthier, beautiful and cheerful!

In our shop you will be able to buy the following goods:

- Cosmetics and Ayurveda - natural body and hair oils, natural soap, face scrubs, henna, various oils, essential and aromatic oils, aromas which supplement the atmosphere, Ayurvedic means - toothpastes, teas.

- Natural pillows for a dream from latex.

- Souvenirs and products from a tree (a casket, figurines, candlesticks, ware, furniture)

- Products from skin of a buffalo (Bags, footwear, accessories).

- Clothes in Lankan style and European (A sari, sarang, dresses, sundresses, skirts, blouses, tunics).

- Real Ceylon tea and coffee.

- Production made from a coco (coconut milk, coconut water, coconut flour, coconut oil).

- Papadam, honey, natural food colorings.

- Spices (a turmeric, a curry, pepper - Chile, cardamom, a carnation, cinnamon, a saffron, vanilla).

We wish you successful purchases and good mood!

Yours faithfully,


Malova Svetlana


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