Ways and approximate delivery periods of the Goods realized by Sellers are specified on the corresponding pages of Sellers on the Website Delivery periods can have deviations towards increase, but no more than for 30 days.

The territory of delivery of the Goods presented on the Website is limited to borders of the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

The territory of delivery of some types of Goods is limited to borders of certain countries. The detailed list of goods which delivery is limited contains in Customs rules of the country of the Buyer with which he has to get acquainted.

Rules of import of Parcels, restrictions on import of goods, and also admissible sums of the purchased goods which are determined by the country of the Buyer are traced by the Buyer independently. The buyer at the order of Production, independently follows rules and Requirements for import of production from Sri Lanka established country of the Buyer.

Delays in delivery are possible in view of the unforeseen circumstances which occurred not because of the Seller.

Delivery of goods to the Buyer is carried out by Post service of Sri Lanka. Delivery period is carried out from 35 (thirty five) to 65 (sixty five) days.

Delivery periods can be increased at the request of the Buyer by his address to the Seller.

When obtaining the Order, the Order is handed to the Buyer or the third party specified in the Order as the recipient (further the Buyer and the third party are called "Recipient").

Delivery to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine is carried out by free of charge post service SRILANKA Post. In exceptional cases the cost of delivery can be carried out on a paid basis. Paid delivery is carried out according to the preliminary arrangement with the buyer.

The sellers realizing the Goods on the Internet - the platform, can raise a separate payment for service of delivery of Goods (conditions and cost of delivery in case of collection for it a separate payment are placed on the corresponding Pages of Sellers), and in cards of the acquired goods.

Claims to quality of the acquired Goods, the receiving which arose later and payments of Goods, are considered according to the Act of the Russian Federation "About consumer protection" and guarantee certificates of the corresponding Seller. In this regard purchase of goods with delivery does not grant to the Buyer the right of the requirement of delivery of the acquired Goods for guarantee maintenance or replacement, does not give the chance to carry out guarantee maintenance or replacement of Goods by means of departure to the Buyer and does not mean a possibility of return of cost of delivery of Goods in cases when the Buyer has the right for a refund for Goods per se, according to the Act of the Russian Federation "About consumer protection".

The duty of the Seller to transfer goods to the Buyer is considered the Recipient executed at the time of receiving Goods in office of a mail service if the Parties did not provide other places of obtaining the order.

When obtaining the Order in office of a mail service the Recipient after implementation of all necessary procedures connected with receiving Goods is obliged to examine the delivered Goods and to make its opening in the presence of workers of Mail for check of Goods on compliance to the stated quantity, to the range and completeness of Goods and also to check service life of the delivered Goods and integrity of packing. In case of existence of claims to the delivered Goods (shortage, an investment of Goods other than the departure specified in the inventory, a manufacturing defect, other claims) according to instructions of the Recipient workers of Mail draw up the Statement of the revealed discrepancies. If the Recipient did not file claims in the above-stated order, then the Seller is considered completely and properly fulfilled the duty on transfer of Goods.

In case of return of the Goods delivered by means of Mail in connection with existence of claims to Goods the Recipient is obliged to apply to Departure, and also to send to e-mail of the Seller and administration of the website (, (the scanned copies or a photo in the format .jpeg, .png) containing the returned Goods, the following documents:

  • the copy of the receipt on payment or other document of the returned goods confirming the fact of purchase on the Internet – the  platform
  • photo with the revealed goods shortcomings.
  • copy of the inventory of Departure;
  • form of return. (to download)

The goods presented on the Website on quality and packing correspond to state standard specification and TU that is confirmed by the relevant documents of the country of the Producer (certificates, etc.).


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