Products from coconut

Coconut - a real storehouse of health, it is difficult to find an area where it would not be of use. It has essential fatty acids, vitamins. He really is a royal fruit!

Contains lauric acid - a substance that helps fight against infections, viruses, bacteria. This amount of this acid is only in breast milk; Strengthens the nervous system - it has a lot of magnesium, bromine, boron; It is useful in cardiological problems - contains a whole complex of vitamins B, E, C; Well strengthens the immune system; Prevents the development of Alzheimer's disease - due to the presence of a large number of fatty acids; Normalizes the work of the entire endocrine system, regulates digestion; Helps with atherosclerosis; It works well on the joints; Improves blood circulation; Normalizes the hormonal level; Improves skin condition; Increases the production of serotonin and endorphin. These hormones are responsible for a good emotional state, do not give rise to depression.

Useful properties of coconut oil extend not only to cooking or cosmetics. It is also used for massage. Coconut oil perfectly heals fine cuts and cracks, well nourishes and moisturizes the skin. A tablespoon of coconut oil a day promotes physiologically correct weight loss and weight normalization. It is rich in vitamins and very nutritious, which significantly reduces appetite. The temperature of its melting is lower than the temperature of the human body, so it is easily digested and not deposited on the walls of the vessels. Coconut oil is odorless, it is used as a conductor for massage. At the same time, through the skin, it has the same beneficial effect on the body as if the person had drunk it. It destroys the majority of cancer cells in colon cancer.