Return of Goods, is carried out according to the "Terms of return" specified on this page. Rules of return of Goods can be established by each corresponding Seller independently and are published on the corresponding Page of the Seller. "EXSPRESSCHEAP" does not incur obligations to return of the Goods realized by Sellers.

Return of Goods of appropriate quality is goods in original ("native") packing, with all labels labels which were available at the time of sale.

Damaged, with traces socks, with the torn-off labels goods are not subject to return! Also gift souvenirs, cards are not subject to return.

The buyer has no right to refuse the ordered and paid Goods.

Return of Goods of inadequate quality:

The goods of inadequate quality are meant as goods which are faulty and cannot provide execution of the functional qualities. The received Goods have to match the description of the ordered goods on the Website the Difference of elements of design or registration from the description stated on the Website is not sign of inadequate quality.

The appearance and completeness of Goods and also completeness of all Order have to be checked by the Recipient at the time of receiving Goods.

When obtaining the Order in office of a mail service the Recipient is obliged to examine the delivered Goods and to make its opening in the presence of workers of Mail for check of Goods on compliance to the stated quantity, to the range and completeness of Goods and also to check service life of the delivered Goods and integrity of packing.

In case of existence of claims to the delivered Goods (shortage, an investment of Goods other than the departure specified in the inventory, a manufacturing defect, other claims) according to instructions of the Recipient workers of Mail draw up the Statement of the revealed discrepancies. If the Recipient did not file claims in the above-stated order, then the Seller is considered completely and properly fulfilled the duty on transfer of Goods.

If the Goods of inadequate quality were transferred to the Buyer and it was not in advance stipulated by the Seller, the Buyer has the right to use provisions of Art. 18 "The rights of the consumer at detection in goods of shortcomings" of the Law on consumer protection.

Requirements about return of the sum of money paid for goods are subject to satisfaction within 30 days from the date of presentation of the relevant requirement by the Buyer and confirmation of the claims higher the specified documents, in above the specified terms (Art. 22 of the Act of the Russian Federation "About consumer protection").

Are not subject to exchange and return (according to the List approved by the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 19, 1998 No. 55):

Goods for prevention and treatment of diseases in house conditions (objects of sanitation and hygiene from metal, rubber, textiles and other materials, tools, devices and the equipment medical, means of hygiene of an oral cavity, eyeglass lenses, objects of care of children), medicines.

Personal care products (toothbrushes, hairbrushes, hairpins, hair curlers for hair, wigs, chignons and other similar goods).

Perfumery and cosmetic goods.

Textile goods (cotton, linen, silk, woolen and synthetic fabrics, goods from nonwoven fabrics like fabrics — tapes, a tape, lace and others); cable production (wires, cords, cables); construction and finishing materials (linoleum, a film, carpets and others) and other goods sold on metric area.

Sewing and knitted products (linen, hosiery).

The products and materials contacting to foodstuff from polymeric materials, including for single use (ware and accessories table and kitchen, capacities and packing materials for storage and transportation of foodstuff).

Goods of household chemicals, pesticides and agrochemicals.

Furniture household (furniture fonts and sets)

Jewelry and other products from precious metals and (or) gemstones, the facetted gemstones.

Cars and motor-cycle goods, trailers and number units to them; mobile means of small-scale mechanization of agricultural works; pleasure crafts and other watercrafts of household purpose.

Technically difficult goods of household purpose on which warranty periods (machines metal-cutting and woodworking household are established; household machinery and appliances; household radio-electronic equipment; household computer and multiplying appliances; photo and cinematographic equipment; telephone sets and facsimile equipment; electromusical instruments; toys are electronic, the household gas equipment and devices; the wrist watch and pocket mechanical, electronic and mechanical and electronic, with two and more functions).

Civil weapon, the main parts of civil and office firearms, cartridges to it.

Animals and plants.

Acyclic editions (books, brochures, albums, cartographical and musical editions, sheet isoeditions, calendars, booklets, editions reproduced on technical data carriers).

The return transfer is carried out at the expense of the buyer!

We pay your attention that the parcels sent with cash on delivery will not be demanded and will return to the sender after a period of storage in post office.

In case of return of the Goods delivered by means of Mail in connection with existence of claims to Goods the Recipient is obliged to apply to Departure, and also to send to e-mail of the Seller and administration of the website (, (the scanned copies or a photo in the format .jpeg, .png) containing returned

Goods, following documents:

1. the copy of the receipt on payment or other document of the returned goods confirming the fact of purchase on the Internet – the platform

2. a photo with the revealed goods shortcomings.

3. copy of the inventory of Departure;

4. form of return. (to download)


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