Consent to processing of personal data.


Providing the personal data the Buyer agrees to processing, storage and use of the personal data on the basis of the Federal Law No. 152-FZ "About personal data" of 27.07.2006. The real consent to processing of personal data is the public offer.

The natural person, being registered on the website, undertakes to accept the real Consent to processing of personal data (further – Consent). Acceptance of Consent is registration on the website. Working freely, with the will and in the interest and also confirming the capacity, the natural person gives the consent to LLC EXSPRESSCHEAP  which possesses the website and which is located at the address: 607635, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Bogorodsky District, item. Novelties, journey Engineering of 7 buildings of 1 quarter 31 on processing of the personal data with the following conditions:

1. This Consent is given on processing of personal data, both without use of the automation equipment, and with their use.

2. It is agreed to processing of the following personal data:

The personal data which is not special or biometric: surname, name, middle name; numbers of contact phones; e-mail addresses; data on accounts in social networks; floor; age; information on the acquired products and services; data on location; Taxpayer Identification Number.

3. Purposes of collecting and processing of personal data:

3.1 Observance of requirements of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws and other standardly legal, internal acts on acquisition of production and services on the Internet platform on the Internet; obtaining the personalized messages, special offers and advertizing, on the basis of data which you provide us and also the data collected by us by means of cookie-files or similar methods when using by you of the web websites / social networks / blogs.

3.2. Identifications of the User registered on the Internet platform website for execution of the order and (or) signing of the contract of sale of goods in the remote way with Sellers.

3.3. Providing to the User access to the personalized Internet platform Website resources.

3.4. Establishments with the User of feedback, including the direction of notices, the inquiries concerning use of the Website of the Internet platform, rendering services, processing of inquiries and applications from the User.

3.5. Definitions of the location of the User for safety, prevention of fraud.

3.6. Confirmations of reliability and completeness of the personal data provided by the User.

3.7. Creations of the account for shopping if the User agreed to creation of the account.

3.8. Notifications of the User of the website of the Internet platform of a condition of the Order.

3.9. Processings and receiving payments, confirmations of a tax or tax benefits, payment contest.

3.10. Providing effective client and technical support to the User at emergence of the problems connected with use of the Website of the Internet platform.

3.11. Granting to the User from his consent, updates of production, special offers, information on the prices, the newsletter and other data on behalf of the Internet platform or on behalf of partners of the Internet platform.

3.12. Implementation of advertizing activity with the consent of the User's User by mailing of the SMS of notices on phone of the Buyer specified at registration on the website or mailings of e-mail of notices e-mail of the Buyer which he specified at registration on the website.

3.13. Providing access to the User to the websites or services of partners of the Internet platform for the purpose of receiving products, updates and services.

4. The basis for processing of personal data is: Art. 24 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation; Art. 6 of the Federal law No. 152-FZ "About personal data"; present offer.

5. During processing with personal data the following actions will be made: collecting; record; systematization; accumulation; storage; specification (updating, change); extraction; use; transfer (distribution, granting, access); depersonalization; blocking; removal; destruction.

6. Telling the Seller the e-mail and a phone number, the Visitor the Website/user/buyer agrees to use of the specified means of communication by the Seller and also the third parties involved by it for implementation of obligations to Visitors by Websites/users/buyers for implementation of the mailings of advertizing and information character containing information on discounts, which are coming and the operating actions and other actions of the Seller, about transfer of the order in delivery and also other information which is directly connected with implementation of obligations.

7. The administration of the website has the right to transfer personal data, the third party, (courier service, the delivery service) if it is necessary for implementation of the undertaken obligations of the Seller to the Buyer, for delivery of the Ordered goods on the Internet platform to the addressee.

8. Personal data is processed before the termination of the contractual relations.

9. Present, the Buyer gives the consent to cross-border transfer of the personal data, including in the territory of the foreign states which are not included in the list approved by the Order of Roskomnadzor of 15.03.2013 N 274 (an edition of  29.10.2014) "About the approval of the list of the foreign states which are not the parties of the Convention of the Council of Europe on protection of natural persons at the automated processing of personal data and the rights of subjects of personal data providing adequate protection", for performance of the above-stated purposes of processing of personal data.

10. Consent can be withdrawn by the subject of personal data or his representative by the direction of the written statement of LLC EXSPRESSCHEAP  to the address specified at the beginning of this Agreement.

11. The real consent works until the termination of processing of the personal data specified in item 10 of this Consent all the time.

12. The seller reserves the right to make changes unilaterally to these rules provided that changes do not contradict the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

13. Changes of conditions of these rules come into force after their publication on the Website.

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