The mixture for making "Hoppers (the Hoppers)" 400 g HARISCHANDRA MILLS PLC, Sri Lanka

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С этим товаром приобретают кокосовое молоко, для разведения смеси.

Minimum quantity for "The mixture for making "Hoppers (the Hoppers)" 400 g HARISCHANDRA MILLS PLC, Sri Lanka" is 5.


Mix hopper helps families to prepare at home hot hoppers, a mixture of Harischandra is made from all natural ingredients rice flour, wheat flour, sugar and salt. Hopper mix is a healthy and convenient choice for the modern home with its unsurpassed quality and taste. Prepare your homemade hoppers!

Ingredients: black flour, rice flour, wheat flour, sugar, salt, yeast.

Knead the dough, in accordance with the instructions on the package. Capacity for baking should be bowl-shaped with the high Board is conical. Cook the dough on the fire, similar to cooking pancakes. Use for dilution of the mixture the coconut milk.As a result, you will get a thin bowl-shaped pancakes with raised edges consisting of fermented dough made from rice flour and coconut milk, fried or steamed. Served with egg, vegetables or sweet additives. Hoppers can be used for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Shelf life: 1 year



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