Orthopedic pillows latex

Natural latex is a safe, natural material with antibacterial properties, it can be used as a natural antiseptic. Products made from natural latex do not retain moisture, thanks to the porous structure, the product "breathes", and moisture is rapidly eliminated, evaporates. Pillows do not electrify and do not attract dust. The manufacturer's warranty can be from 20 years.

Let's see how to choose a latex pillow.

1. If most of the sleep you spend on your back - choose a hard pillow.

2. Fans will sleep on their side with a pillow that has medium hardness.

Sleeping on the tummy is recommended a soft pillow.
4. When choosing an orthopedic pillow, pay attention to its width and height. The first parameter should match the width of your shoulders, the second parameter is also affected by the size of the shoulders. The wider your shoulders, the higher you need to choose a pillow.
5. Roller, which is present on the orthopedic pillow, also choose for yourself.

6. The optimum height of the roller for people sleeping on their back is 8-11 centimeters.

7. People with a height of less than 165 centimeters and sleeping on their sides, it is recommended to choose a pillow, with a roller height of 11-12 centimeters.

8. A tall person is recommended a roller height of 13-14 centimeters