The contract offer for partners

The contract of the offer for partners

        The present Agreement is concluded with partners of the project at the time of registration. This Partner Agreement contains conditions and rules of participation in the Partner Program of online store - further - "Program", LLC EXSPRESSCHEAP - further the Customer.

Your consent to enter the Program means that you completely agree and you accept all conditions of this agreement.

Terms in the agreement

The participant of the Program (Partner) — All Partners, contact persons of the Partner and recipients of payments of the Partner have to be full age according to the current legislation of that area where they live and/or conduct the activity. At the same time for participation in the Partner program they have to be anyway not younger than 18 years.

Any natural, legal entity registered in the order established by this agreement can become the partner. The natural person is understood as absolutely summer citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens, persons without citizenship and also businessmen without formation of legal entity.

In case such actions of the Partner fall according to the legislation under a concept of business activity, then such Partner has to have the corresponding status, according to the Legislation of the Russian Federation.

Being registered in the partner program you confirm and guarantee that you reached majority according to the legislation of the state or area where you live and conduct the activity.

The Customer's website — resources on the Internet with the catalog of goods

The affiliate link — the part of the electronic (hypertext) document referring to the Customer's Website located on the computer Internet, having a special format with a unique code of the Participant of the Program.

The buyer — the Internet user who made "Transition to the website" according to the affiliate link also made purchase in Partner shop

Partner remuneration — remuneration of the Participant of the program.

Technical support of the Program — the person (group of persons) representing the interests of the Customer and controlling work of Participants of the Program.

Private office — the interface of accounting of number of transitions of visitors from affiliate links of the Participant, the number of Buyers, the made charges, formations of a code of the affiliate link.

Goods card — a page on the Customer's Website with the photo and the description of goods.

Client structure — the clients invited in the partner program by the Partner.

ID – partner number for account in the program.

1. General provisions

1.1 The direction of the completed application for participation in the partner program, through a registration form on the website of the Program of online store, is considered the official consent of the Partner to performance of the present Partner agreement. The participant has to submit all the data according to the application questionnaire. They include true full names and a contact information. It is required for prevention of fraud and for the help in confirmation of authenticity of these participants. Any partner with the false, misleading or inexact information, will be blocked or removed at any time without notice with deprivation of all bonuses and the privileges of the partner. If the participant is not able to provide necessary documents in confirmation of specified at data recording, the company can declare the contract incomplete.

1.2. After execution of the application for participation in the partner program, the Partner gets the identification number (ID) which is used at execution of hypertext references from the Partner's Internet resources to the website of Online store. The identification code is used by the system of online store for automatic accounting of the attracted orders, having also received an identification code, you agree to receiving mailings from our system.

Important: If the Client "came" to Online store from the Partner website according to the reference which does not contain an identification code or contains the wrong identification code, and made a purchase, the partner commission is not fixed and not charged.

1.3. From the moment of assignment of a unique identification code both parties undertake to satisfy conditions of the present Partner agreement.

1.4. The registration fact as the Partner does not assume payment of the commission. The commission is charged to the Partner only for the made and paid orders. (for more details see the section 3 "Order of Payment of the Partner Commission").

1.5 (Reached the 18th summer age) the person which underwent the procedure of registration can become the partner of online store absolutely summer.

1.6 The online store provides to the partner statistics of the orders made by visitors of the Partner website in Online store in a private office of the Partner.

1.7 The partner is responsible for functioning and the maintenance of the website and undertakes obligations not to cause to the website of Online store the damage connected with the partner program.

1.8 The partner has the right to place affiliate links in any place of the website.

1.9 The partner can change, add, delete affiliate links without notice of administration of Online store.

1.10 The partner undertakes not to use affiliate links to the Customer's Website by means of: popup-windows, exit-console, 404 pages and the other types of electronic advertizing which are not demanding direct participation of the visitor.

1.13 The online store reserves the right to make changes to these rules, on condition of the timely notification of Partners on the website of the partner program.

1.14 The parties have the right to terminate partnership unilaterally. In this case the parties are obliged to direct the written notice by e-mail.

1.15 Violation of the general rules of the partner program conducts to a rupture of partnership, the online store reserves the right not to pay in this case the commission to the partner.

1.16 On all questions and offers the partner can address administration of the partner program for e-mail

2. Partnership conditions

2.1. Cannot take part in the Partner program of Online store:

— The conducting or supporting illegal activity forbidden by the legislation of the Russian Federation or the breaking any laws, acts, charters, decrees or rules of the Russian Federation.

— The extending materials containing violence, discrimination on racial, sexual, religious, national or age sign and also based on physical defects, sexual orientation, etc.

— The containing any materials breaking illegally using or applying for assignment of the rights for the intellectual property of any person or the organization, including copyright, trademarks, the rights for the publication and patent rights, or the violating personal rights for the property of any person or the organization, the right to personal privacy and the other rights;

— The containing or advertizing obscene and pornographic materials, including materials with the image of acts of zoophilia, rapes or tortures;

— The containing any materials where the persons which did not reach age of 18 years are represented during the valid or imitated sexual relations and also containing a hint on the similar relations;

— The containing any materials relating to a child pornography or containing images of the naked person or sexual actions with the persons looking more young than the true age (i.e. the persons looking more young than 18 years), or the persons who are specially trying to look minors (18 years are younger) by means of the corresponding scenario, a make-up, behavior, suits, scenery, etc.

— To contain slander, threats, hatred, insults or sexual harassments;

2.2. The partner can be excluded from the Partner program:

— If during changes on the Partner's website it ceased to correspond to the partnership conditions specified in the present partner agreement.

— If on advertizing of the Partner complaints of visitors of online store arrive

— In case of use of mass mailing SPAM in direct or indirect link with your participation in the partner program, including without any restrictions use of volume electronic messages without the consent to that of the recipient, instant messages, chats, thematic conferences, messages of ICQ or IRC or any text messages; with the instruction URL and/or our online store names.

— In case of placement of the reference on the websites forbidden by the act of the Russian Federation.

— In case of distribution by means of the Internet of any information which contradicts requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation or rules of international law.

— Any distribution or work with such content as: Warez, passwords, MP3, zoophilia, rapes, a child pornography, violence or any other illegal activity, including any use of the forbidden content in the hidden meta-tags, texts, references, images or HTML;

— In case of placement of the reference on the websites for which promotion the methods forbidden by search engines are used.

— In case of registration of several accounts registered in the Partner program as Client structure.

— In case of generation of traffic by means of malicious applications, use of systems on promotion of the websites (CAP, BUX, "the systems of active advertizing", etc.), Iframe.

— Use of the partner account exclusively for personal reasons is not allowed. You can order goods for yourself, using the affiliate link and gaining an income/discount, but if the share of such orders is more than 30% of total, payments for this account will be stopped.

— Any is forbidden e-mail mailing with use of the domain

— Any kind of spam on social networks with use of the is forbidden

— Any use of the trademark (logo) of, except advertizing materials (banners or photos) placed on pages of the website of the partner is forbidden. In other cases use of logos is forbidden.

At detection of the specified violations the Customer has the right to terminate unilaterally the partner agreement with the Partner without written notice of the last. At the Partner's exception of participation in the Partner program, its partner identifier is removed, and access to the closed sections of the Partner program is blocked. The partner can be restored to participation in the Partner program if results the website in compliance with conditions of participation in the Partner program and will notify on it by e-mail of the administrator of the Partner program.

2.3 The partner undertakes not to publish and not to transmit any information discrediting Online store through the Internet, not to make the actions interfering normal work of online store.

2.4 The partner undertakes to place advertizing and graphic materials only according to the legislation of the Russian Federation and not to transfer to Online store damage liability of any sort suffered by the Partner or the third party during use and placement of advertizing materials of online store.

2.5 The partner on own initiative can stop the participation in the Partner program without explanation, by means of the written notice of Online store not less than in 7 calendar days prior to date of cancellation of the Partner agreement.

2.6. Each client / partner undertakes to observe copyright of all materials, web resources and other forms of information used in the activity. Materials, documents and photos of this website, a personal office, advertizing materials of the company are the property of LLC EXSPRESSCHEAP also are protected on the basis of the international conventions on copyright and the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Design and/or photos of the website, and equally other elements of knot are protected by the author's legislation and other laws, and their full or partial copying or imitation on other network websites without written permission of the author(s) and the reference to the source are forbidden! Any unauthorized use of any material which is contained on this website, advertizing materials in a personal office (back office), can become violation of the law about copyright, trademarks, laws on information security of personal character and on publicity and also rules and provisions on means of communication. It is allowed to copy and/or use and/or quote documents and/or photos, but provided that they will be used with observance of the relevant provisions of the current legislation, only with the direct text reference on the website of the Customer and/or his partner websites from which they were taken. The persons violating this condition can be made responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

2.7 Affiliate links can conduct on any pages of Online store which are not forbidden by passwords and not disclosing any personal information

2.8 As advertizing materials the Partner can be provided:

— Banner

— Text reference

— Images of goods

— Catalog of goods

2.9 In case of the termination of participation in the Partner program and/or cancellation of the Partner agreement the Partner is obliged to remove all text and graphic materials received from the website of Online store from the Internet resource.

3. Order of payment of the partner commission

3.1 The amount of partner remuneration is:

— 12% of cost of the bought goods if the Buyer came according to the Affiliate link of the Partner and the goods got or if the goods were acquired through Partner shop;

- 3% of the profit of Client structure of the Partner;

The partner commission is charged to the Partner automatically and only after the Order was delivered to the Buyer, and the order was given the status "Is executed". This commission can be paid provided that the minimum size is gained.                                                                        

3.2. The minimum size of the partner commission is 1000 rubles

3.3. The amount of remuneration does not include delivery cost to the client;

3.4. Payment for the executed services is made every Friday;

3.5. The commission is not paid or subtracted from the total amount of remuneration in case:

— the client refused purchase;

3.6. The partner commission does not pay off from the cost of packing, transfer, and other additional charges to the cost of the order.

3.7. The partner commission is charged only from the cost of Production of the Producers posted on the website

3.8. The commission is charged and paid in Russian rubles with payment on the card number Sberbank, Raiffeisenbank or on a purse of  QIWI.

4. Cancellation of the Agreement (Removal from the Program)

4.1 Period of validity of the Partner Agreement is unlimited, begins with the moment of Registration of the Participant in the Partner Program and comes to an end at the time of cancellation of the Agreement.

4.2 The customer has the right to terminate unilaterally the Agreement and to remove the Participant from the program, without payment to the Participant of the saved-up remuneration in case the Participant of the Program violates any conditions of the present Partner agreement.

4.3 In case of cancellation of the Partner agreement (removal from the Program) partner remuneration is not paid to the Participant, cannot be used or somehow to be acquired by it.

4.4 The partner has the right to terminate unilaterally the Agreement and to request removal of the account from base of Participants of the Partner program, with payment to the Participant of the saved-up remuneration by means of the written notice of Online store to the address not less than in 14 calendar days prior to date of cancellation of the Partner agreement. Otherwise, Internet-magazin has the right to refuse payment of partner remuneration.

4.5 In case within 6 calendar months through a partner identification code it was not made any paid sale, the contract is considered terminated

4.6 In case this Agreement is terminated for any other reason, then the Customer holds in own favor the saved-up remuneration of the Participant according to the Partner Agreement.

4.7 You understand and agree that the Company has full authority to refuse or hold remuneration payment, or to stop your participation in the Partner program if through your website or any websites connected with you there passes the large number of chargebacks from the users connected via your website. You also understand and agree that the Company has the right for own discretion to define what number of chargebacks or terminations of membership, or subscriptions to consider too big.

5. Change of Terms of agreement

5.1 The customer reserves the right to correct and make changes to this agreement unilaterally what undertakes to inform partners in all possible information channels on.

5.2 Changes do not affect the sum of already added Partner remuneration. In case the Participant continues to participate in the Partner Program, it confirms acceptance of changes in the Agreement by him.

6. Conclusion of agreement

6.1 The conclusion of this partner agreement does not involve emergence of the relations in the sphere of creation, establishment of the enterprises of the legal forms provided by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and also other Acts of the Russian Federation and also does not attract employment of the Participant in the company of the Customer. The consent of the Participant to enter the Program means acceptance of all conditions of the present Agreement if the Parties did not stipulate other.

7. Settlement of disagreements

7.1 In case of disagreements of the party will seek to settle the arisen issues by negotiations. In case the parties do not come to the agreement, then the dispute is subject to consideration in court on location of the Customer.

The customer does not bear any responsibility for actions or inaction of the Partner to the third parties, to the Partner.

In case of assignment of responsibility — responsibility of the Customer to the Partner or Partners concerning losses is limited to the sum of 1 000 rubles.

The present agreement is concluded according to the Art. of Art. 8, 421, 428 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.


  1. How does it work?
  • You are registered in the partner program through a registration form on the website
  • You choose the suitable partner tool: the reference, banners, etc., available in a private office after registration
  • You post the affiliate link at yourself on the website or on any other resource on the Internet, observing the time limit of the partner program
  • According to your reference or via other partner tools users pass to the website
  • If the user who passed from you does and pays the order, then we charge to you partner remuneration (see point of 3 terms of agreement for partners)
  1.  How we learn that the client who made the order came from you?
  • The affiliate link and other partner tools contain the partner identifier which is given to you at registration. Each partner identifier is unique and attached only to one partner. That orders of the users who came from your website according to references and via partner tools were considered on your partner account, you are obliged to use the partner identifier.
  • After transition of the user according to the affiliate link, we keep on the user's computer your partner identifier in the so-called cookie-file. Cookie-files – the special files of the Internet browser which are stored on the user's computer in which websites can write down office parameters for tracking of users between various visits.
  • At the time of commission of the order, our website checks existence of the partner identifier in sookie-files at the user and appropriates remuneration to that partner whose partner identifier was found in the user.
  • The partner identifier remains on the user's computer within 30 days or until removal of "cookie" of the browser by the buyer, from the moment of the last transition according to the affiliate link.
  • In our partner program remuneration is charged to that partner whose link the user followed the last.
  1. How much for participation in our partner program?
  • Participation in our partner program and all partner tools are absolutely free.
  1. How many it is possible to earn in our partner program?
  • 12% of cost of the bought goods if the Buyer came according to the Affiliate link of the Partner and the goods got or if the goods were acquired through Partner shop;
  • 3% of the profit of Client structure of the Partner;

Concluding the agreement, the partner receives the following pluses:

  • You represent the website selling natural production. Production is made from environmentally friendly ingredients, without GMO, without artificial fragrances.
  1. During what time does the buyer who came according to my reference have to make purchase that to me the commission was charged?
  • All purchases made by users within 30 days after transition according to your affiliate link are considered. That is, if the user followed your link, then closed the website, and in, for example, two weeks gathered its address in the browser, then from its purchases on "" to you the commission will be added (for all goods participating in the partner program).
  1. I will draw interest for clicks and displays?
  • In case of our Partners receive the commission for purchase of goods by users.
  1. From what countries do you accept traffic?
  • Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine.
  1. If I place the reference to goods of shop, to me the commission for the fact that the visitor who followed my link will buy other goods of this shop will be added?
  • Yes. We consider all purchases of goods made by the buyer brought by you within 30 days after transition according to your reference. Both purchases new, and purchases of earlier registered users are considered.
  1. Do you pay percent for purchases of the users who are earlier registered on
  • Yes, if the user who is already registered on followed your affiliate link and bought goods, you earn reward.


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